Childrens Birthday Cakes


All Children like to be individual, but then why not. So therefore they tend to have different ideas when choosing a Birthday cake. The more imaginative and colourful a childs cake the better as it wil stick out at any party.

Children often choose cakes that mean something to them such as a favourite character fron Tv or  Film, such as Cinderella, Noddy or Thomas The Tank Engine. They may also choose a cake that incorporates a favourite toy such as Barbie, Cars and many more. Clown faces and bright and colourful cakes are often chosen.

Childrens cakes are available in all shapes such as squares, circles, hearts, oblongsand can also be baked to a certain shape such as noddy of cut to a certain design.

Cakes are available in Chocolate, Maderia (plain sponge), fruit and any other desired flavour.