Modern Birthday Cakes

Modern Birthday cakes are really the main category for cakes as they cover a wide range of designs.

They are a little different to traditional cakes as they don't tend to have frills and piping and are a little plainer, perhaps brighter and designed with more modern ideas, such as the elephant cake in the gallery.

A birthday cake can be as modern and as bright as you want it to be. You can design a cake around a hobby like the plant pot cake for a gardener, instead of having a cake with some grass, a wheel barrow and some flowers as you can imagine in a country scene, the cake has been modernised to an enlarged plant pot with colourful items around , and this can be done with any cake.

Most people look at modern design especially as they tend to stick out more at a celebration and are a lot more eye catching.

Cakes can be made in any shape or size and be whatever flavour you desire, whether it be fruit, chocolate, coffee, maderia and many ,more.

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